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We will create a together Smart Community: a flexible and powerful tool like Snap4City will help city planners make the process quick, affordable, and straightforward.

Nearly two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities by the end of 2022. This rapid urbanization is putting unprecedented pressure on city governments to address topics such as:





Crime prevention and security

crime prevention and security

Lack of affordable housing

lack of affordable housing

Resource management

resource management

Efficient and sustainable services

providing efficient and sustainable services

Main Challenges

The Impact of City Growth on Sustainability

Large cities worldwide are growing exponentially, and this is having a significant impact on the environment and sustainability. They are a substantial source of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change due to traffic congestion and fossil fuels to power vehicles and guarantee thermal management of buildings. All this without forgetting a worsening problem of poverty and social inequality caused by the growth

Cities need to find ways to reduce their environmental impact and improve their social and economic conditions while still expanding. Today, a correct path towards a vision and a smart dimension cannot be delayed.

Impact of City Growth on Sustainability

The Importance of Data and Digitalization in Cities

Data-driven model

A data-driven model

Cities are becoming increasingly complex and data-driven. As a result, they are becoming more reliant on data and digital technology. Public administrations need to have access to large amounts of data to make informed decisions about public policy, infrastructure investment, and to provide better services and to be resilient with respect to unexpected events.policing. They also need to use this data to improve public safety, monitor economic growth, and manage resources. To stay ahead of the curve, cities need to invest in data and digital technology now. Lastly, the most important thing is to have the idoneous tools to interpret this ever-increasing amount of data.

Transformation through Flexibility

Cities rapidly transform their services to address current societal, environmental, and economic challenges.
Vertical solutions are being replaced by other new options that can exploit a wide range of data channels, getting smarter. Today, each area still has its criteria requiring a highly tailored solution, so only a flexible, dynamic, and highly interoperable platform can put a city in complete control of its operational objectives and capable of integrating/catalyzing the territory.
Cities are abandoning an approach based on data sources and becoming aware of actual data channels where information and actions flow in multiple directions, thus creating real living labs.
Multi-directional flows are vital in implementing city operating systems that we must tune daily to deal with current challenges.

Transformation through flexibility

The Solutions

Snap4City helps improve city services, security, and safety by offering a sustainable solution for smart cities and living labs. This creates the perfect scenario to attract businesses and stakeholders.

SnapCity is capable of supervising the city’s real-time development when it comes to:

  • reading sensors
  • processing and managing KPIs
  • detecting and eliminating unexpected changes, and taking action
  • predicting and detecting unexpected evolutions
  • performing analytics
  • taking steps on strategies and alarms
Supervising the city
City support

Snap4City supports the city toward:

  • the process of continuous innovation on services
  • infrastructures, with control and supervision
  • tools for business intelligence, predictions, anomaly detection, early warning analysis, risk assessment, and what-if analysis
  • the planning and implementation of strategies to improve the city’s resilience in the event of an unexpected, unforeseen event

Thanks to knowledge base support, Snap4City provides flexible solutions to get immediate insights and deductions about the city’s status and evolution.
These results exploit the ultimate in (X)AI, data analytics, and big data technologies, activating sentient solutions that collect and use heterogeneous data of any kind from any data source (open and private; static, real-time, event-driven, streams, certified, and personal).

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