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The Best Solution for the Modern-Day Developer?

The Snap4 Framework is Going to Boost Application Development

Applications come with a specific development cycle that takes a considerable amount of time: it may take a significant amount of time from the idea to the finished project. In this scenario, creating it quickly can really make the difference.

Using the Snap4 Framework, community developers will quickly find a dedicated cloud infrastructure that provides direct access to IoT and solves big data-related issues. All this is integrated into our team’s services and assistance.

Development becomes streamlined and more efficient when you utilize tested, monitored, and most importantly, the same components across numerous projects. Interfaces between the components are uniform both amongst themselves and externally: ready for implementing communication and cooperation among the different parts. The data models between the systems are standard and can be used in other realms, providing a versatile option.


Snap4City simplifies development processes thanks to:

Low coding/No coding needed for data flow

Access to an integrated environment for data analytics in R-Studio/Python

Microservices architecture

Naturally, everything is open and documented in dedicated tutorials, videos, slides, and web pages for programmers and developers who want to bring a powerful resource like the Snap4 platform into their toolkit.

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Unifi – Dinfo – Disit
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