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Embrace the Future: How to Bring your Business into the 21st Century with the Snap4Industry Platform

Get a new perspective on your industrial IoT data

In the traditional industrial world, making things has been the basis of our existence. Yet, thanks to the industrial revolution, production has become more and more complex. The concept of an “information-based” industry is now a reality.

The most advanced industries in the world are information-driven, with real-time information being passed along between different systems, stakeholders, and devices. Digital Twin technologies give insights into all aspects of production lines and manufacturing processes. The digital revolution has generated new opportunities for industries to transform their business models: this is a massive shift in how we operate as producers and consumers in society. Still, it also presents us with a series of challenges that we must overcome to succeed.

Main Challenges

Solutions implemented in the industry are currently highly fragmented, and new solutions need to coordinate with their older counterparts.
Its success depends on the ability to evolve the entire ecosystem of production, regulation, and economics.

What are the main areas to be monitored in order for this path to be accessible?

Data Overload

Data overload is a common problem that business owners and managers face. It can be caused by various factors, such as
– an increase in the number of data sources
– more complex data processing requirements
– an increase in the volume of data
In the era of Big Data and IoT, it is impossible to manage information in the traditional way.



The use of technology has traditionally helped industry and manufacturing improve efficiency and productivity. The ability to scale business processes enables us to use them on a larger scale. High levels of complexity and variability characterize many sectors. This creates the risk of not being able to manage all these variables most coherently and not dealing efficiently with the possible lack of a skilled workforce. This makes it necessary to implement scalable, flexible, and interoperable infrastructure that you can quickly set up on-premise or in any public/private cloud.


Thanks to new efficient and exponential technologies, the global market for industry and manufacturing is overgrowing. However, sustainability is one of the most challenging obstacles to address. This can happen through:
– reducing and optimizing energy consumption
– improve waste management
– increase recycling rates
– reduce greenhouse gas emissions
– adopt more environmentally friendly production methods (transition to renewable sources)


Crisis Management

The past few years’ events have shown the vast risks that companies face in out-of-control situations such as public health emergencies and international political tensions. To this, we must add a series of internal threats that you must manage with better and more optimal management of human resources, production cycle, and maintenance activities. Companies that have better managed these scenarios have been those who have shown that they can make quick decisions to reposition their focus (a process that has been called “pivot”). To make the right decisions, it is not enough to have access to the most significant possible number of information and analyze and interpret them correctly. Only in this way will it be possible to manage the future periods of crisis, which will inevitably occur even for the socio-economic repercussions that the paradigm changes in the world of the economy and production will have.

Safety and Data Security

The industry is constantly looking for ways to ensure:
– the protection of personal data
– the safety of employees and customers (where data analysis plays a pivotal role)
One way to deal with data security concerns is blockchain technology. Blockchain is a distributed database that allows for secure transactions between parties without a third party. Businesses can use it to track items throughout the supply chain, helping to ensure that products are safe and compliant with regulations.
Other measures used to safeguard data include:
– encryption technologies
– biometric identification systems
– cyber security protocols.
By implementing these measures early in the process, companies can ensure that their data is safe.


The Solutions

Snap4Industry’s easy-to-integrate technology assists companies transform both internally and into the digital world.

The results can be used to develop new added-value services and products, enabling at the same time the full digitalization of older technologies and applications.

  • Sustainable Smart Solutions
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Solution for Asset Management and Maintenance
  • Business Maintainance Intelligence
  • Predictive Maintenance and Production optimization
  • Predictive capabilities
  • What-IF analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Creation of Dashboards and Applications for Decision Support
  • Digital Twin and 3D
  • Data Gathering and Integration
  • HLT: Unified Classification for Data and Services
  • IoT:
    Devices and Apps
    Applications and Edge DevicesEdge Computing
  • Moving IoT Devices / Sensors, Tracking Devices
  • Tracking of Devices and Mobiles
  • Managing IoT Applications
  • IoT Applications Listing
  • IoT Application Management
  • Secure IoT Devices
  • IoT Edge Sensor and Dev Networking
  • Data Analytics (Big Data Science)
    Data Analytics Dev. in R Studio and/or Tensor Flow
    Data Analytics Development in Python
    Predicting Models
    User Behaviour Analysis
    Prediction and Identification of Anomalies
    Anomaly Detection

The most dynamic industries are on the verge of replacing conventional ones. Automation and data exchange are integral to the development of smart industries.

Does your company need to start the first step on the path of digital transformation? Have you already started it and need to speed up the process?

The Snap4Industry platform is the tool that allows you to get the desired results in the most coherent and cost-efficient way.
The team of Snap4Industry will work closely with you on your digital transformation! We will jointly create a journey leading to the new management, production, and manufacturing vision.

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