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Snap4city is constantly implementing new enhancements on different technical aspects, and also new scenarios are covered.

Here is the upcoming technical news:

Snap4Camera Appliance for managing an extensive range of TV cameras (standard and thermal cameras), for security, people counting, has been released with the support of AXIS camera producer, details are coming

HOW TO page is in progress

  • work is in progress on a tool for visually posing queries on the federated network of knowledge bases (service map/super-service map)
  • work is in progress for further automation of Snap4City platform deploy on multi VM and container platforms, one-click installation: small automated configurations are ready for all users
  • work is in progress for integrating video management, from RTSP, ONVIF to WebRTC, progressive download, reporting video streams on Dashboards.
  • Twitter Vigilance NLP and SA is taking a new push with machine/deep learning training in multiple languages: Italian, English, Spanish, France, and Greek
  • Waste Management Applications and Smart Waste engine are in progress
  • references among IoT Devices have been possible for a long time; automated interpretations are on their way

Our project is always in development. This is the guarantee to provide the most up-to-date and probably best solution on the market of smart frameworks.

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